Preferral API - Implement Invite list with a simple API | Product Hunt

Find your initial users with ease

Implement a invite list with in-built referral by using a simple POST API

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Simple POST API for everything

Easy to implement single POST API ready to use for you project

Manage users submissions

Minimalistic dashboard with realtime updates and easy export to CSV functionality

Ready to use Interactive Demo

Ready-made code for you to copy-paste and link with your UI

Unlimited Projects for Free

Built to support all your indie ideas without any charge

And more

Easy Referral Program

Identify quality users who are bringing more traction to your product

Easy CSV Export

Download your submissions with a simple tap of a button

Realtime updates

See your user-list grow realtime in your dashboard as it happens



  • Unlimited projects
  • Realtime Chat support
  • Simple API


  • Captcha
  • Dedicated instance
  • Additional form data
  • Email Verification
  • Custom integration (Mailchimp, Webhook, etc)
  • Dedicated security

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